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Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Basic Kinesiology

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MusclePlus+ Flashcards App
Run MPC app in new tab

The MusclePlus+ Flashcards app provides an on-the-go way to study and memorize the muscles of the body. It is designed to match the textbook Mastering Muscles & Movement, and it provides several "modes" to study the information from different directions.

To run the app: Click/tap the icon to the right. The Flashcards app will be displayed in a new browser tab.

To exit the app: Simply close the Flashcards browser tab.

Scroll down this page for information about using the Flashcards, and to view sample screens from the app. To download the MusclePlus Flashcards User Guide, click here: User Guide (PDF 3.15MB)

Using the MusclePlus+ Flashcards app
MusclePlus+ Flashcards is a web app that runs in the browser on phones, tablets or computers. Muscles are studied in groups, as organized in the textbook. Below are some sample screens from the flashcard app.
(click/tap on any image below to see an enlarged view)

Front and back of a typical flashcard
MusclePlus Flashcard Sample

Select flashcards to view using Muscle Groups or individual muscles.
MusclePlus Flashcards: Select Muscle Group(s) - Method 1MusclePlus Flashcards: Select Muscle Group(s) - Method 2MusclePlus Flashcards: Select Individual Muscles

View muscle + O/I picture or just the muscle picture
MusclePlus Flashcards: View Muscle+O/I vs. Muscle-only

Use "Viewing Modes" to initially hide the muscle name
MusclePlus Flashcards: Initially hide the muscle <u>name</u>

Use "Viewing Modes" to initially hide the muscle image
MusclePlus Flashcards: Initially hide the muscle <u>image</u>

Notes for Mobile Phones and Tablets
If you are using the Flashcard app in the browser on a smartphone or tablet, you can add an icon for the app to your home screen. That way, you can tap the icon to go straight to the MusclePlus Flashcards without having to open the browser.

Here's how: While viewing the Flashcard app in the Safari browser (on an iPhone or iPad) tap on the "Share" icon in the browser toolbar. In the drop-down menu of options, select "Add to Home Screen".

(Most other mobile devices have a similar capability.)
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