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Mastering Muscles & Movement

Gallery of Illustrations

This page provides an assortment of illustrations from Mastering Muscles & Movement. Click/tap on any image to view an enlargement with added details. While viewing the enlarged illustration, you can click/tap the Download book page button to download a PDF of the associated page from the book.

Mastering Muscles & Movement coverPlanes and Their Associated AxesMuscles of the Face and JawDeep Fascia of the LegNerve Plexuses and Naming of Major NervesComparing and Contrasting Muscles
Nerve RootsMuscles of the Thorax and AbdomenTypes of Muscle ContractionsHip Joint - Structure and LigamentsMuscle Group 10 - OverviewMuscle Group 10 - A FigureMuscle Group 10 - B FigureMuscle Group 10 - B Table
Intrinsic Muscles of the HandBony Landmarks of the PelvisUpper Cervical ComplexCross Section through Upper ArmLeg Muscles by CompartmentSkeleton Worksheet
Axial and Appendicular SkeletonMuscle Group 10 - A TableNumbering of Cranial and Spinal Nerve Roots
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