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Other Apps and Downloads

This page offers additional study tools that complement the main apps shown on the Study Aids Home Page. Some of the tools are Flashcard-style apps while others are Viewer-style apps. Also included are links to worksheets (PDF files) that can be downloaded and printed.

The apps run in the browser on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Note that Viewer Apps show multiple items on each screen, so some smartphone screens may be too small for easy viewing. Flashcard Apps show single items and work well on screens of any size.

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Flashcard Apps: Bones and Bony Landmarks
bone cards for upper extremitybone cards for axial skeletonbone cards for lower extremity

Viewer Apps: Study Muscle Layering

Viewer Apps: More Learning Tools
Atlas of BonesMuscle Namer Exercise

Downloads (PDFs)

Bones & Bony Landmarks
Study Questions
Muscle Tickets

Blank Bone Cards
Action Tables
Other Downloads

Beta Test Section
Flashcards for Muscle Group 1

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