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Chapter 7 of Mastering Muscles & Movement contains Summary Tables that indicate the muscles that create each action at each joint of the body. The Summary Tables provide a quick-lookup when the reader wants to know, for example, "all the synergists" for a given action.

The links listed below will open a new browser tab to display the PDF file. You can then print the PDF and write on the worksheet.

Actions at the Knee Joints
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Skeletons - General Purpose
The links below provide "emptied out" copies of all the Action Tables from Chapter 7. You can fill in these tables with action symbols (, UL, BL) to study synergists and antagonists, and then check your answers by comparing to the tables in your MMM textbook, pages 204-209. Also, please see page 62 in your textbook for a description of the symbols used in the Synergist & Antagonist tables ("B" tables).

Action Tables - Upper Extremity (PDF 293KB)

Action Tables - Axial Skeleton (PDF 255KB)

Action Tables - Lower Extremity (PDF 242KB)

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