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Bones & Bony Landmarks
Chapter 2 of Mastering Muscles & Movement contains an atlas of the skeletal system, individual bones, and bony landmarks. The worksheets on this page provide various ways to visualize and learn the names of those skeletal structures.

Each of the links listed below will open a new browser tab to display a PDF file. You may then print the PDF and write on the worksheet.

Bony Landmarks of the Forearm
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Skeletons - General Purpose
The links below provide three skeleton views on a single page (one page for upper body and one for lower body). You can use them to practice drawing origins, insertions, muscle pictures, and other structures. These worksheets are also supplied on pages 222-223 in your MMM textbook.

General Purpose Skeletons - Upper Body (PDF 434KB)

General Purpose Skeletons - Lower Body (PDF 390KB)

Bony Landmarks - Bi-Directional Practice Pages
The Bony Landmark Practice Pages listed below include dual sheets for each body structure -- one for practicing bony landmarks from a verbal direction, and one for practicing from a visual direction. After you fill out a worksheet, you can check your work by finding the same diagram in Chapter 2 of your MMM textbook.

Bones and Bony Landmarks - Upper Extremity (PDF 434KB)

Bones and Bony Landmarks - Axial Skeleton (PDF 493KB)

Bones and Bony Landmarks - Lower Extremity (PDF 341KB)

Skeletons - Practice Naming Bones and Joints
The Skeleton pages listed below provide practice for naming the bones and joints of the body.

Skeletons - Name the Bones (PDF 1.29MB)

Skeletons - Name the Joints (PDF 522KB)

Skeletons - Compare Bone Names with Joint Names (PDF 457KB)

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