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Use these to create ticket-sized cards with muscle names on them. As you study each of the 13 groups of muscles, select the appropriate muscle tickets and draw them out of a hat to randomly test yourself.

The links listed below will open a new browser tab to display a PDF file. You may then print the PDF on card stock or heavy paper and cut out the tickets as needed.

Muscle Tickets
Sample - click to enlarge
Each ticket has a small label at the lower right corner, for example, “G1-4”. This label tells which muscle group to go to in the book to read the origin, insertion, etc., for the muscle. The G is for Group, so G1-4 indicates the 4th muscle in Muscle Group 1 (in chapter 4).
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Muscle Tickets

Muscle Tickets - Color (PDF 30KB)

Muscle Tickets - Black (PDF 30KB)

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